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Simple Dictionary Definition


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 ginia / ギニア
 Vertical Wall Scroll
(place-name) Guinea


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 nyuuginia / nyuginia / ニューギニア
 Vertical Wall Scroll
New Guinea


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 papuanyuuginia / papuanyuginia / パプアニューギニア
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Papua New Guinea; (place-name) Papua New Guinea


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 daru / ダル (can be adjective with の) (1) dull; (2) (food term) Indian split pulse (lentils, peas or beans) (hin:); Indian pulse stew; dal; daal; (place-name) Daru (Papua New Guinea); Dal


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 boke / ボケ (n,suf) (1) (kana only) idiot; fool; touched in the head (from); out of it (from); space case; (2) (kana only) funny man (of a comedy duo); (in comedy) silly or stupid line; (3) Alzheimer's (impol); (kana only) bokeh; blur; lack of focus; unsharpness; (kana only) Japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa); flowering quince; (place-name) Boke (Guinea)


see styles
 rae / ラエ (place-name) Lae (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 rabe / ラベ (place-name) Labe (Guinea)


see styles
bā xīn / ba1 xin1
pa hsin
abbr. for Papua New Guinea 巴布亞新幾內亞|巴布亚新几内亚[Ba1 bu4 ya4 Xin1 Ji3 nei4 ya4]



see styles
bā niǔ / ba1 niu3
pa niu
(Tw) abbr. for Papua New Guinea 巴布亞紐幾內亞|巴布亚纽几内亚[Ba1 bu4 ya4 Niu3 Ji1 nei4 ya4]



see styles
bǐ shào / bi3 shao4
pi shao
Bissau, capital of Guinea-Bissau


see styles
 horohorochou / horohorocho / ほろほろちょう helmeted guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)


see styles
qié zi / qie2 zi5
ch`ieh tzu / chieh tzu
 nasubi / なすび
eggplant (Solanum melongena L.); aubergine; brinjal; Guinea squash; phonetic "cheese" (when being photographed); equivalent of "say cheese"
(kana only) eggplant (Solanum melongena); aubergine; (place-name) Nasubi


see styles
kuí shǔ / kui2 shu3
k`uei shu / kuei shu
guinea pig


see styles
tún shǔ / tun2 shu3
t`un shu / tun shu
guinea pig (Cavia porcellus)


see styles
 ginia / ギニア (ateji / phonetic) (kana only) Guinea


see styles
 arawa / アラワ (place-name) Arawa (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 kieta / キエタ (place-name) Kieta (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 kinbe / キンベ (place-name) Kimbe (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 ginii / gini / ギニー guinea; (personal name) Guinee


see styles
 kerema / ケレマ (place-name) Kerema (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 goroka / ゴロカ (place-name) Goroka (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 shigiri / シギリ (place-name) Siguiri (Guinea)


see styles
 dabora / ダボラ (place-name) Dabola (Guinea)


see styles
 banimo / バニモ (place-name) Vanimo (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 bisau / ビサウ (place-name) Bissau (Guinea Besau)


see styles
 furia / フリア (place-name) Fria (Guinea)


see styles
 buroro / ブロロ (place-name) Bulolo (Papua New Guinea)


see styles
 beira / bera / ベイラ beira (Dorcatragus megalotis) (som:); (place-name) Beira (Mozambique); Beyla (Guinea)


see styles
 bofa / ボファ (place-name) Boffa (Guinea)


see styles
 madan / マダン (place-name) Madang (Papua New Guinea)

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