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森 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for forest.

This can also refer to a dense forest-like place or thing. It can also refer to a shrine grove or sacred grove (a forest of religious significance).

Small Forest

Small Forest Scroll

林 refers to a small forest, a grove, a thicket, or the woods.

In Chinese, this can be the surname Lin. It's also the lin in Shaolin (referring to the monks of the Shaolin temple).

The symbology of this character is two trees side-by-side. Take a look, you can see the tree figures.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Forestmorisēn / sen1 / sen
Small Forestrinlín / lin2 / lin

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Small Forest Scroll
woods; forest; CL:片[pian4]; circle(s) (i.e. specific group of people); a collection (of similar things)
(1) wood; woods; forest; grove; copse; thicket; (2) bunch (of something); cluster; line; collection; (surname, female given name) Rin
A grove, or wood; a band; forest; grove

see styles
Small Forest Scroll
(1) forest; (2) shrine grove; (surname) Morihama
Dense, forest-like.


see styles
méi lín
    mei2 lin2
mei lin
Small Forest Scroll
ume (plum) grove; (place-name, surname) Bairin

see styles
 sou / so
cluster; collection; collection of books; thicket
(n-suf,n) {anat} plexus; rete; (surname) Sou
A copse, grove, wood; crowded; a copse

see styles

birchleaf pear (tree); to stop; to prevent; to restrict
(1) forest; (2) shrine grove; (surname, female given name) Mori
Stop, prevent; azalea; to close

see styles
(bamboo); bamboo grove
bamboo grove; (surname) Takemura

see styles
(1) thicket; bush; grove; scrub; (2) (abbreviation) (kana only) (medical) quack; (surname) Yabu

see styles
marsh; gathering place
(1) thicket; bush; grove; scrub; (2) (abbreviation) (kana only) (medical) quack; (surname) Yabuzaki
A marsh, reserve, retreat, refuge, lair: translit. s, su; a marsh

see styles
courtyard; institution; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) (See 下院・かいん) house of parliament (congress, diet, etc.); (2) graduate school; postgraduate school; (suffix) (3) (See 医院・いいん,病院・びょういん) institution (often medical); institutional building; government office; (suffix) (4) {Buddh} sub-temple; minor temple building; temple; cloister; (5) (honorific or respectful language) imperial palace; (6) (honorific or respectful language) (archaism) (See 女院・にょういん) title bestowed on empresses, princesses, etc.; (suffix) (7) former (esp. of emperors, daimyos, etc.); late; (surname, female given name) In
ārāma, pleasaunce, garden, grove; a monastery, hall, court.


see styles
(from 拝み) (See 御嶽・うたき) (Okinawa) sacred site; sacred grove; (female given name) On



see styles
qī xián
    qi1 xian2
ch`i hsien
    chi hsien
(1) (See 七賢人) the Seven Wise Men (of Confucius's Analects); (2) (See 竹林の七賢) Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove
(七賢位) Also七方便位, 七加行位 The seven grades or steps in virtue preceding the entry into見道faultless wisdom, or faultlessness in its first realization. These seven are preliminary to the七聖 (七聖位). Both are grades of the倶舍 Kośa school of Hīnayāna; seven [stages of] goodness



see styles
shèng lín
    sheng4 lin2
sheng lin
(surname) Katsubayashi
v. 祇 The Jeta grove, Jetavana.



see styles
cóng shù
    cong2 shu4
ts`ung shu
    tsung shu
a grove; a grove



see styles
jiān lín
    jian1 lin2
chien lin
(堅固林) The grove of Sala trees, in which Sakyamuni died; Śāla Forest


see styles
pó tí
    po2 ti2
p`o t`i
    po ti
Bhadrika, one of the first disciples; cf. 跋. Also vana, a grove; or vanī.


see styles
pó nà
    po2 na4
p`o na
    po na
vana, a wood, grove; also 飯那; 嚩泥.


see styles
shī tuó
    shi1 tuo2
shih t`o
    shih to
(林) Śītavana, 尸林; 尸陀婆; 尸多婆那; 屍陀 cold grove 寒林, i. e. a place for exposing corpses, a cemetery. It is also styled 恐毘林, 安陀林, 晝暗林; also v. 尸摩賖那 or 深摩舍那 śmaśāna.


see styles
 yuukou / yuko
(obscure) deep and quiet bamboo grove


see styles
(obscure) large, high mountain; (Okinawa) sacred site; sacred grove; (place-name, surname) Mitake


see styles
(obscure) large, high mountain; (Okinawa) sacred site; sacred grove; (place-name, surname) Mitake


see styles
zhī tí
    zhi1 ti2
chih t`i
    chih ti
支帝; 支徵; 支陀; 脂帝. Newer forms are 制多; 制底 (制底耶); 制地, i. e. 刹, 塔, 廟 caitya. A tumulus, a mausoleum; a place where the relics of Buddha were collected, hence a place where his sutras or images are placed. Eight famous Caityas formerly existed: Lumbinī, Buddha-gayā, Vārāṇasī, Jetavana, Kanyākubja, Rājagṛha 王舍城, Vaiśālī, and the Śāla grove in Kuśinagara. Considerable difference of opinion exists as to the exact connotation of the terms given, some being referred to graves or stūpas, others to shrines or temples, but in general the meaning is stūpas, shrines, and any collection of objects of worship.


see styles
grove of trees; (surname) Kodate



see styles
lǐ yuán
    li3 yuan2
li yüan
āmravana, the wild-plum (or mango) grove, see 菴; plum grove


see styles
xìng lín
    xing4 lin2
hsing lin
 kyourin / kyorin
forest of apricot trees; (fig.) honorific term for fine doctor (cf Dr Dong Feng 董奉[Dong3 Feng4], 3rd century AD, asked his patients to plant apricot trees instead of paying fees)
apricot grove


see styles
sōng yuán
    song1 yuan2
sung yüan
Songyuan prefecture level city in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China
pine grove; (place-name, surname) Matsuwara


see styles
lín zi
    lin2 zi5
lin tzu
woods; grove; forest
(female given name) Rinko


see styles
 tourin / torin
peach grove; peach garden; peach orchard; (surname) Momobayashi


see styles
yē lín
    ye1 lin2
yeh lin
coconut grove


see styles
 fuurin / furin
maple grove



see styles
shù lín
    shu4 lin2
shu lin
woods; grove; forest
forest; (female given name) Jurin
A grove, a forest; tree groves

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